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Christian Horse-lover's Club Inc. is a 501 c) 3 non-profit organization that has developed Christian curriculum with a horse emphasis. It was originally designed for middle school and high school aged girls, but now the curriculum format can be used for any type of group 4th grade up to adults. Christian Horse-lover's Club was founded Sept. of 000 by Kim Shanks at Hidden Falls Ranch, a small ranch that was owned with her husband Robin in Whitewater, WI.                                                                                                                  -Christian Horse-lover's Club Inc. is a 4 1/2 to 5 year discipleship program that helps youth or new Belivers grow in Christ and in knowledge of horses, horse safety and horsemanship.  Read about the activites of CHClub #; at the bottom of 1st page                                

NOW CHClub #18 which is led by Mrs. Jen Meiners and with her husband are the new owners of Hidden Falls Ranch, LLC.                                                                                                          CHClub #1 has started up again in the beautiful mountains of Mackay, Idaho  .

Our CHC vision is to facilitate other Christian horse owners who have a desire to reach out to youth (or others) in their communities for Christ by operating a Chartered CHC Inc. using the CHC Inc. curriculum and information to help them get started.                                                    

Smile  We hope to see Chartered CHC Inc. clubs all across the United States, even the world! 

We know that where there are horses, that is where horse-crazy girls or boys gravitate!  We know there are sincere Christian horse people across the country who desire to reach out to, teach and mentor; youth, adults, new Believers for Christ using their horses.  Horses are an excellent medium to teach others about God, responsibility, improving communication abilities and much more. 

CHC Inc. Head Quarters Update:    To make more people aware of the  CHC Inc.  ministry we aim to attend different church conferences, horse fairs, rodeos and more.  We are praying to find Christian horse people who may be interested in starting a CHC Inc. club in their area. 

Please pray with us that the LORD will inspire more Christian horse people to lead CHC Inc. clubs and use thier horses to help horse-lover's come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in their Christian faith. 

The CHC Inc. curriculum: Has 21 Bible based non denominational Units.  These Units teach God's Word line-upon-line in the Devotions.  All the CHC Inc. curriculum is NOT to be copied in any way. It is        Written by Kim L. Shanks for CHC Inc. Edited by Bonnie DeNully and Rev. Beth Juoni.  Published work © 2015. Copyright Registration #Txu 1-941-563.  No further reproduction in any way without permission, Romans 13:9.  

The CHC Inc. curriculum is kept at a low cost for Chartered CHC Inc. clubs.  The first Unit each new member must complete is the Truth Unit, a short Devotion which explains what CHC Inc. is all about AND gives a clear presentation of the Gospel.  Then there are 19 regular CHC Inc. Units from which leaders may choose.  Each regular Unit takes approximately three months to complete.  Members work to fulfill the requirements, which are:  Scripture memorization, 6 Devotions, three PROJECT/ACTIVITIES (usually horse related) and Bible reading.  When a Unit is completed the girls earn a charm to go on the CHC Inc. charm chain.  There are different award options for a boys club too! The final Unit for a CHClub member or leader is the Leadership Unit.   The CHC Inc. curriculum is printed on high quality paper made to fit in three-ring binders.  An approved leader purchases the Leadership Guide (How to set up, organize and lead a CHClub) and the New Club Packet which comes with many helps; advertisments, record keeping and organization, CHC Inc. releases, tax receipts/information, songs and a CHC Inc. Logos.

The Devotions are Bible studies which are related to some aspect of horses and horsemanship. 
For Example: the content of the Bible studies teach: how God cares for each of us personaly and then how we properly care for horses, how God desires to communicate with people, then it teaches how we learn to communicate with horses, how to make right choices in life then apply those principles to choosing a horse that best fits your needs. and much, much more!   Below are several Unit outlines and summaries.

Also check out the FAQ page to find more about CHC Inc. clubs and curriculum!

If you are interested in beginning a CHClub in your area please do the following:
Pray about it seriously!  Remember this is a ministry, not a for profit endeavor. 
Read all the information supplied on this website; this page, the Home Page and especially the FAQ page.

Please contact us to ask questions and tell us about your interest or order a CHC Inc. Unit Summary for $1.50.  Our email is: -email-
If you feel you want to start a CHClub in your area.  Contact us for an updated CHC Inc. Constitution, Statement of Faith and Bylaws so you can check us out.
 EMAIL us for the Leadership Application pdf   Fill it out carefully, include your references and send it to CHC Inc. Headquarters to the address on the application with $10.00 (or more in some states) for a background check.           

The CHC Inc. Board of Directors will review your application, do a background check and call your references.  Once you are (hopefully) approved the CHC Inc. President will call to congratulate you and help you get started.  The first thing an approved CHC Inc, leader will need is to purchase the Leadership Guide and New Club Packed for $15.00 + postage.  Many people send in the money with their Application fee.

BELOW are 5 Unit Outlines and summaries.  First is the TRUTH UNIT Requirement page, so you can see a sample of what members will learn.  Following this are four regular Unit examples.

CHC Inc.

Scriptures and Memory Work:

PLEDGE: Having accepted Jesus as my Savior, I will follow Him
and obey His Word with His help. I will love the Lord Jesus;
my family, be kind to others...and to horses!

MOTTO: Love God the Creator: Thank Him for His Creation...
especially horses! 

SCRIPTURE CODE: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all
your mind’; and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” Luke 10:27

Salvation Scriptures

ADMIT you have sinned “For all have sinned and fall short of
the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

BELIEVE in Jesus “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be
saved– ”Acts 16:31

CONFESS your sins to Jesus “ If we confess our sins,
He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify
us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

Devotion: The TRUTH UNIT Devotion is short and will only  
take one club meeting to complete.  A leader may desire to
take two meetings to complete the rest of this unit.  There  
is a Prayer list to fill in and a page discussing horse safety.

1. Complete the “horse parts” handout; name the
horse parts requested from a list

Bible Reading:
Luke 1, 2, 22, 23, 24, Matthew 1, Acts 1-2

The CHC Inc. curriculum is written by Kim Shanks for CHC Inc. A registered published work © 2015, Copyright Registration #Txu 1-941-563.   NO further reproduction in any way without permission, Romans 13:9. Edited by Bonnie DeNully or Rev. Beth Juoni or Noelle Larson.  

Examples of four UNIT SUMMARIES                                                                                                               

CARING UNIT                                                                         

SCRIPTURE MEMORY: 1 Peter 5:7, 1 Peter 3:8                                                                                         

BIBLE READING: Mark, Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians,  1 & 2 Peter, Jude, Hosea                                    

CHARM: Cross with a heart                                                        

Devotions:  God cares for you personally! Jesus is the Good Shepherd. A study of Psalm 23 and they are to memorize a Psalm 23 song. Realize the need to care for others and to properly care for yourself; physically, mentally and spiritually. How to care for a horse; learning to groom; identify and use horse equipment; hoof care and basic horse health and safety.


SCRIPTURE MEMORY: John 3:16, John 14:26

BIBLE READING: Numbers, John              

CHARM: Praying hands

Devotions:  Understand how horses communicate; learn how to communicate with a horse using a round pen with purpose and learn to lunge properly. Study God's desire to commune with the people in Old Testament times and now through Jesus Christ. Prayer: what it really is... conversations with God.  Make time to pray. Also a study of "The Lord's Prayer." Discuss what can hinder our prayers.

SCRIPTURE MEMORY:  1 Timothy 4:12, James 3:3,5
BIBLE READING: Proverbs, 1 & 2 Timothy, Philemon
CHARM:  Snaffle bit

Devotions:  A short study of bits and bridles. Teaching the principles of  "yielding to pressure" with horses AND Believers yielding to God. A study of James 3 and 4.  A look at the Proverbs that teach us about our speech. We study when NOT to yield to peer pressure. We do giving and yielding exercises with horses and emphasise good, gentle hands with direct reining.


SCRIPTURE MEMORY: Psalm 119:9-11, Hebrews 12:2, (extra credit, Psalm 119:12-16)

BIBLE READING: Luke, 1 & 2 Thessalonians 

CHARM: Choice of English or Western boot  (Plus an extra boot for memorizing Psalm 119:12-16)                                          

Devotions:  Teaches a person how to ride a horse in a very clear, systematic way.
The introduction of terms are paralleled with the CHC Inc. Pledge. The different riding cues correlate with Bible study topics. The members practice and demonstrate the proper use of their riding cues by riding a pattern at their level.


If you are interested in the CHC Inc. curriculum, but you do NOT want to lead a Chartered CHC Inc. club at this time, you may purchase the Units (You do not have to fill out the Leadership Application)

PLEASE, Email us at: chcpres@chlclub.org  for an updated Unchartered Order Form.

Statement of Purpose
1. To reach people for Jesus Christ
, to bring them to know Jesus as their personal Savior and help them grow their relationship with Christ.

- A non-denominational program.
2. To teach Bible truth: in a unique way by applying God's Word...
A. To teach Christian principles for living each day and develop good relationships with family, friends, community, all while working with horses.
B. To teach safety, care, communication, and much more information about horses. - To teach and encourage those who love horses but do not have one of their own. - To teach and encourage those who have some horse experience or those who have a horse.
3. To disciple and mentor young Christian Believers or Christian Believers of any age: - To love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind. - To help them grow in their relationship with Christ, teaching practical scriptural principles for personal growth and living and applying them to their interest and love for horses. - To build caring relationships and enjoy Christian fellowship while learning about horses.
4. To provide mature, Christian, experienced horse owners who desire to reach out for Christ in their own community with CHC Inc. curriculum and information on how to run a Christian Horse-lover's Club Inc, successfully on their own ranch or farm.
- The program is originally designed as a girls club, but the curriculum is not limited to that only, for it can be adapted to boys,  a ladies or couples group or even families.

Trainers and Bible teachers who've influenced the CHC Inc. curriculum

Please Email us at: chcpres@chlub.org  to request and the Leadership Application  and/or  Unchartered group Order Form  pdf

 ALL CHC Inc. CURRICULUM IS COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL:  Written by Kim L. Shanks for CHC Inc. Edited by Bonnie DeNully and Rev. Beth Juoni.Published work © 2015. Copyright Registration #Txu 1-941-563.  No further reproduction in any way without permission, Romans 13:9.

NOTE: To purchase the entire CHC Inc. package of Units and Unit Answer Keys may take 30 days to ship out.  And we may ask you to sign a Derivative Work agreement.

POSTAGE 2024 UPDATE: 7 or 8 Units  is $10.00,  15 to 40 Units is $17.25