About Kim

Thu, 12/29/2011 - 23:09

Kim has had a love for horses since she was a little girl. At 11 years old she was happily riding a neighbor's horse, a very spunky horse named "Bell." She came to  the LORD back in 1978 while traveling around the mountains in Western U.S. and Canada. She had a desire to learn more about God's Word, wisdom and His ways. Besides regular church attendance, she traveled an hour once a week for 15 years to attend a very in-depth college-level Bible study called "Apples of Gold Ministry." After growing in the LORD for several years she discovered a love for Christian ministry to girls 4th grade and up when she started helping and leading Missionettes 20 years ago. When the local church discontinued the Missionettes Ministry, the passion for this outreach did not die. In Sept. of 2000, Kim started writing curriculum aimed at teaching young girls about Christ and horses at the same time. She called this club CHC (Christian Horse-lover's Club). Over the past few years she has been running this club out of her ranch home/boarding business in Whitewater, WI, touching the lives of many girls and their families. Since the club meetings are on Tuesday afternoons, she had to stop commuting to the Waukesha Bible studies but was excited to find the teaching of Joyce Meyers Ministries on local morning T.V. The CHC curriculum is centered around the Word of God but has been influenced by some of Kim's favorite Bible teachers: Judy Dalton of "Apples of Gold Ministry," Joyce Meyers of "Enjoying Everyday Life," the preaching of Pastor Michael Jackson from New Life Assembly of God Church, Janesville, WI and from the Leadership Sunday School Class she has been a part of for several years. Her favorite leadership teachings have been from John Maxwell, which is why, at the prospect of writing a leadership Unit for CHC, Kim decided she could never come close to the teaching of John Maxwell, so the CHC board agreed to use John Maxwell's leadership study itself. Kim's horsemanship has been influenced by a great desire to learn, a willingness to study and taking notes from the best. Kim's horse activities and riding information is influenced by several trainers and riding instructors: John Lyons, Clinton Anderson, Richard Shrake, Dave Saay and Julie Goodnight. 


On Sunday, Sept. 17, 2006 Kim was riding (with a helmet that probably helped save her life) on trails at Palmyra Horse Park, Palmyra, WI with some friends in a nice wide-open area that they had run in many times. This time as the group was galloping, the horse she was riding stumbled and fell beneath her. She was thrown to the ground, fortunately clear of the horse, which also somersaulted. Thankfully, her friends prevented her from moving and called for help immediately. The local paramedics took her to Flight for Life, which flew her by helicopter to Froedtert Medical Hospital in Milwaukee, WI. Her injuries included many cuts and bruises to the face, a fracture (C1) vertebra and the base of the skull, fracture of T 4,T6 and T 7 & T8 were broken, the disk completely gone. The first thing she said to her husband Robin in the ER was "Faith not fear". These injuries left Kim with no feeling from her waist down. On Tuesday, September 19, 2006, Kim had surgery on her back. The surgeons placed 2, 10-inch titanium bars to support vertebrae T2 through T9. She was kept in the hospital 5 weeks for recovery and in rehab to learn how to cope with being paralyzed. During that time she continued to work on writing and preparing the CHC curriculum so the CHC meetings could continue, thanks to the help of Barb and Noelle Werner and Ashley Rowland. She went home to Whitewater on Oct. 23rd to live in a now handicap- accessible home and is learning to live in a new way. For the most updated recovery information, go to the home page. 

Kim's testimony: 

I am thankful: to be alive, that I'm not brain dead (C1fracture)or even a quadriplegic. I wanted to share with you how the LORD has helped me to make it, one day at a time, by depending on His Word and His promises. Thanks to many people praying! Soon after I was out of ICU, Robin, my husband, read some of my Bible reading for me. The very first time I felt any sensation at all below my waist was just as he read 2 Sam. 23:12 "... and the LORD brought about a great victory." I felt a nerve "zing" shoot up my right toe AND I felt the Spirit quicken my spirit that this was His promise to us. We are to keep going forward, trusting the LORD to bring about a great victory in this difficult situation. Our Pastor and one of the older CHC girls gave me Joshua 1:9 to cling to also. In the hospital many Psalms gave me hope, strength and peace. Ps 119: 107, 156, 169 When I came home I had some bad days and 2 Chron. 16: 9a "For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him..." was a great source of strength. Jer. 30:17 and 1:12 I prayed for a gift from the LORD at Christmas, and that Sun. during worship time the Spirit whispered to me to "wait expectantly!" I clung to that, then in my daily devotion I came across the whole scripture Psalm 5:3 "In the morning O LORD you hear my voice, In the morning I lay my requests before you, and wait in expectation." There are many more verses that have fed and held me up. In trials Cling to His Word! I'm so thankful for all the prayers of family, friends, neighbors, our church family and churches across the state and nation. God answers prayer!

"Thank you" to all those who continue to visit and support Kim and Robin. Your generosity is overwhelming and such a blessing. You will never be forgotten. Justin & Christy (Son & Daughter-in-law)