News from CHC Inc. Head Quarters

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 00:00

We want to CONGRATULATE Paula Coley for doing CHClub #4 for over 10 YEARS!!!  She has such a heart for building relationships girls and discipling them for the Lord Jesus!  PLUS, WE are excited and amazed as Paula and her co-leaders are actually running THREE CHCLUBS!!!  GOD BLESS your LABOR OF LOVE! 

ALSO Robin and I were happy to finally me JoAnne Erbe face-to-face for the first time since she started CHClub #6 nine years ago!  What a fun gal!!!  We had a wonderful lunch and a great visit! 

Next we were excited to meet Kathy Brion and her whole CHClub #14 up in Central Point OR! We watched as the girls rode a pattern on some very sweet and gentle horses!  It was great to get to know you Kathy, and everyone!                                                                        As always, Please Pray for ALL the CHC Inc. Clubs!  Smile

PRAY also for is Christian horse owners start Chartered CHC Inc. in their area!                

In 2018 we once again went to the CCCA = Christian Camp Conference Association that was held in Paddock Lake area in S. WI.    We had a great chance to meet camp owners and managers from around the Midwest.  A Christian camp would be a great place for a CHC Inc. club to operate year around.  Not only do you minister to youth all year, you are also training up future volunteers or Christian councilors.  Next, we went to Oshkosh for the Wisconsin N. Michigan District Summit of the Assembly of God.  We met several pastors who had horse people in their church who may be interested in starting a CHC Inc. club and took a brochure to pass along.  The biggest event we set up a booth was at the MidWest Horse Fair.  We met and talked with many people hoping to get information about CHClubs to someone who God is nudging and may be interested in starting up another CHC Inc. club in Wisconsin.   

Please pray with us that the LORD will inspire more Christian horse people to start a club to help horse-lover's come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in their Christian faith. 

If you can please help us raise the funds to purchase booth space, gas and overnight expenses.  You can give a one time gift or partner with CHC Inc. monthly or donate something form our CHC Inc. Wish List.  SEE the Donation page has all the information about paying through Paypal or sending a check.  THANK YOU for praying and giving.