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Welcome to the Christian Horse-lover's Club Inc. CHC Inc. is a club that originaly began in September of 2000 to reach horse-crazy girls for Christ in Whitewater, WI.  NOW we have CHC Inc. clubs across the country.  CHC Inc. clubs teach their members about the horses they love and do Bible study Devotions -most of which are connected to horses in a unique way.                                                                           The CHC Inc. curriculum is set up in Unit studies and can work for any venue: girls, boys, ladies or a even a couples club.  Each CHC Inc. Unit includes six Devotions, Bible reading and memorization, plus PROJECTS/ ACTIVITIES, which usually involve horses!                                                

See our CHC Inc. Purpose and Vision.  To learn more go to "About CHC" and "FAQ" pages

BIG CHC INC NEWSOUR CHC INC. HEADQUARTERS HAS MOVED!  OUR NEW ADDRESS IS: 4529 Bar Rd  PO Box 719  Mackay, IDAHO   83251-0719   And YES, the Whitewater CHC Inc. club is still going strong under the Leadership of Mrs. Jen and is now CHClub #18.   

The picture is of CHClub # 18 in Whitewater, WI. from 2024.  Ms Jen has been the new Leader of the Whitewater CHC Inc. club since Spring of 2022 when Kim S moved her CHClub #1 to Idaho. Below check out some of Whitewater's Activities over the past 20 years to give you an idea of what CHC Inc. clubs are all about!